ViA Biotech Co.,Ltd.

"Herbal medicine - medical research venture company"

Company Introduction

We are a Korean bio company which started out as a natural substance research venture in 2012 and has continued the research on herbal medicinal materials and medical food materials. 

Our objective is to provide services and products (functional food ingredients, functional processed foods) that cope with changing dietary patterns and various external environmental elements. 

 We will continue our efforts to become a better biotechnology firm by researching and standardizing combined medical food ingredients using herbal compounds and providing differentiated materials and solutions.



2014. 02 Established as Viabiotech Co., Ltd. 

2014. 03 Venture Company Certification (20140102570) 


2015. 02 Opened the R&D Center (Natural Bio Extract_technology) 

2015. 07 Completed national projects as the best rating 

“Herbal extract complex joint supplement development of functional foods containing un-denatured collagen type II”


2016. 01 Issued Patent 3ea / applied patent 5ea 

2016. 06 Completed Geonggido tech foundation project “Efficacy test of liver function for Pyungondan” 

2016. 06 Exhibited CPHI in Shanghai 

2016. 07 Became the member in Geonggi Industry Innovation Cluster Committee  

2016. 08 Completed state project “Efficacy test for Pyungondan” 


2017. 05 applied patent 1ea 

2017. 06 Devolved Pattent registration right to AJ pharmacopuncture (Muscle relaxation extraction) 

2017. 12 Moved headquarters(Geonggido venture center, Goyang-city)



Patent Reg.

No. 10-1565159  

Composition for preventing or treating arthritis and aging 

No. 10-1605711 

The herbal composition and a method for producing coated microneedle 

No. 10-1795261

Herbal composition and a method of manufacturing the same for improving liver function containing silver vine

No. 10-1789424

Herbal composition and its manufacturing method for the improvement of sleep disorders including silver vine


Venture enterprise/ No. 20140102570 

 R&D Center (Natural Bio Extract_technology) / No. 2015150520 

 GIICC(Geonggi Industry Innovation Cluster Committee) Member / No. 2016-07-074 

 Joined public relations center in Kintex international exhibition convention center /  2016-2018 


ㅣAdd : No 508A, 20-38, Mugunghwa-ro,  Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 10326  

ㅣTEL : 82-70-8248-0271 

ㅣFAX : 82-3440-5471 

ㅣE-mail : 

Extraction and TDS Technology

"Core technology developed with technical staff of herbal medicine"

[Muscle relaxation extraction]

A technology of compounding and extracting herbal complex programed by target disease Application of the secondary filtration. technology on the fasciabased concept natural herbal products using vacuum extraction method.

[acupuncture micro needle therapy TDS]

A fine acupuncture needle is coated with concentrated and extracted herbal medicine. When it is applied to the skin, herbal medicine is gradually dissolved into the skin along with the acupuncture effect (TDS).

Herbal Complex

The patented substance using herbal compounding and extracting technology

H Complex™ 

-For anti-aging and arthritis prevention and treatment

-A herbal complex targeted for anti-inflammatory and muscle, fascia and joint fatigue 

-Patent Registration No.1565159, a composition for prevention and treatment of aging and arthritis

G Complex™ 

-For prevention and treatment of women's menopause symptoms 

-A herbal complex targeted for inflammation inhibition, bone mineral density, and women's menopausal disease 

-Patent Application No. 1-2014-011461-4, a composition for prevention and treatment of women's menopausal symptoms

P Complex™ 

-For improvement of liver function and sleeping disorder 

-A herbal complex targeted for sleeping disorder and chronic fatigue 

-Patent Registration No. 1795261, 

"a herbal composition containing lycium chinense miller for improvement of liver function and its preparation method"

-Patent Registration No. 1789424, 

"a herbal composition containing lycium chinense miller for improvement of sleep disorder and its preparation method"

Efficacy Test

"Various efficacy test data through collaboration between inhouse laboratory and external authorized research institute"

-Anti-inflammatory test for H Complex™ 

-Animal testing of osteoporosis for H Complex™

-Animal testing of acute alcoholic injury model for P Complex™ 

-Animal testing of chronic fatigue model for P Complex™ 

-Animal model efficacy evaluation of sleep and stress    improvement for Inner Peace product