Company Introduction

Herbal medicine - medical research venture company, ViA Biotech Co.,Ltd.

We are a Korean bio company which started out as a natural substance research venture in 2012 and has continued the research on herbal medicinal materials and medical food materials. 

Our objective is to provide services and products (functional food ingredients, functional processed foods) that cope with changing dietary patterns and various external environmental elements. 

 We will continue our efforts to become a better biotechnology firm by researching and standardizing combined medical food ingredients using herbal compounds and providing differentiated materials and solutions.

Business Areas

1. R & D on herbal ingredients based composite materials

2. R & D on Natural material originated functional material

3. Product development of lifestyle disease symptom 


Venture enterprise/ No. 20140102570 

 R&D Center (Natural Bio Extract_technology) / No. 2015150520 

 GIICC(Geonggi Industry Innovation Cluster Committee) Member / No. 2016-07-074 

 Joined public relations center in Kintex international exhibition convention center /  2016-2018